Our first post

Welcome to F85 and Hello from our team, our aim is to bring you information that you are searching for online… We search the top online forums and analyze the popular threads and topics and instead of keeping that information secret for members only of the forums, we instead create content around it for you to view on F85.

We are a small family team, so please be patient with our responses at times or the volume of content, however, as we grow our readership the intention is to widen the team and create a long-term sustainable business that supports itself via advertising revenue.

Yes, you are going to see adverts here on F85, It is the only way to pay the server bills, however, it’s not currently our intention to ever ask you to sign up and register for F85, all content will be open and available to everyone for free.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what we are doing here at F85 then drop us an email by clicking here.